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The South Boston Action Center, a community-based agency, has served South Boston since 1967. The Action Center is affiliated with Action for Boston Community Development (ABCD). and develops opportunities, programs, and resources for families of low income. Direct service, advocacte, education, capacity building, and collaboration all play a direct role in working to ensure the needs of residents are meet in the most effective manner. The Action Center actively collaborates with many area organizations and works in close cooperation with South Boston's police, probation, and civic groups. Partnerships with numerous local businesses and volunteers outside the immediate vicinity present the opportunity for a variety of viewpoints and backgrounds to intersect.

The agency services the young with Head Start and its extended day care program, and an Artist in Me arts program; teenagers with YouthWorks and SummerWorks youth employment, computer programs to teach computer and media skills, nurture creativity, self-esteem, and connection with the wider community. Adult programs include computer training, English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), a Senior lunch and activities program, fuel assistance and information and referral services.

All of these activities provide us with constant informal feedback about the needs and priorities of people of ages. We give a strong priority, in our approach, toward drawing from the wisdom and talents of each person in the community, thus strenghtening the community as a whole.